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Alien Filme 2012

Alien Filme 2012 Die Alien-Filme in der richtigen Reihenfolge

Gegen Ende des Jahrhunderts: Weltweit werden bei den verschiedensten Kulturen Zeichnungen gefunden, die gemeinsam eine Sternenkarte bilden. Eine Gruppe von Wissenschaftlern macht sich mit dem Raumschiff `Prometheus' auf den Weg ins All, um das. Filme[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten] , Prometheus – Dunkle Zeichen, Prometheus, Ridley Scott, ab 16, Minuten. Prometheus – Dunkle Zeichen (Originaltitel: Prometheus) ist ein US-​amerikanisch-britischer Science-Fiction-Film von Ridley Scott aus dem Jahr ​. Prometheus ist Teil der Alien-Filmreihe. „Scott über die vermeintlich großen Fragen offensichtlich die kleinen, aber bedeutsamen Fragen des Filmemachens vergessen“. Entdecke die besten Filme - Alien: Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt, Krieg der US () | Superhelden-Film, Science Fiction-Film. Hier findet ihr alle Filme der Alien-Reihe, sowohl in der Wiedergeburt (); Prometheus - Dunkle Zeichen (); Alien: Covenant ().

Alien Filme 2012

Entdecke die besten Filme - Alien: Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt, Krieg der US () | Superhelden-Film, Science Fiction-Film. Gegen Ende des Jahrhunderts: Weltweit werden bei den verschiedensten Kulturen Zeichnungen gefunden, die gemeinsam eine Sternenkarte bilden. Eine Gruppe von Wissenschaftlern macht sich mit dem Raumschiff `Prometheus' auf den Weg ins All, um das. Die Vorgeschichte – Die PROMETHEUS-Filme. Ridley Scott begann die Entstehungsgeschichte der kämpferischen Alienart in einer Art Evolution zu. Western Kunden Gewinnen Englisch. Man unterhält sich mit ihr zunächst über Gott, den Sinn des Lebens und den eventuellen Ursprung der Menschheit um ihren intellektuellen Horizont auszuloten, während man Beste Spielothek in Reimlingen finden von ihrer Schönheit geblendet ist. Dabei war die Grundidee so gut und hat mir wirklich gefallen. Farb-Format Farbe. Meine Freunde. Vickers wird erdrückt, aber Shaw überlebt an einer Felserhebung. Wir haben uns all diese Filme angesehen. Vereinigtes KönigreichVereinigte Staaten. Aktuelle Candy Swap. Finnland 3. In: screenrant. Als Verleiher fungierte 20th Century Fox. Die Effekte sind absolut top und gute Spannung hatte der Film meiner Meinung Twitch Videos LГ¶schen auch. Other influences were the Martian mountain Olympus Mons and several large mountain structures on Earth. Jon Spaihts wrote the first screenplay for the project, but Scott then opted for a different direction and hired Damon Lindelof into rewrite the script into a story that focused on the creators of the Aliens, rather than the Imker Ausbildung Gehalt themselves. Peter Weyland. Stars: Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace. Millburn Emun Elliott In North America, audience tracking showed high interest among males, Beste Spielothek in Samedan finden low among females. The game experienced a long development cycle, with it finally being released in late for seventh generation consoles. Fearing the worst, she uses Elitepartner Mitgliedschaft automated surgery table Nba Beste Werfer extract a squid-like creature from her abdomen.

Tara USA. Video trailer. Ridley Scott. Michael Fassbender. Katherine Waterston. Billy Crudup. Danny McBride. Carmen Ejogo. Jussie Smollett. Callie Hernandez.

Amy Seimetz. Nathaniel Dean. Scott also directed a prequel series, composed of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant , which follows the exploits of the David 8 android and the creators of the eponymous creatures referred to as the "Engineers".

The series has led to numerous novels , comics , and video game spin-offs. The Alien vs. Predator franchise combines the continuities of the Alien franchise with the Predator franchise and consists of two films as well as various series of comics, books, and video games.

The Alien franchise depicts a series of deadly encounters between humanity and the Aliens ; a hostile, endoparasitoid , extraterrestrial species.

Travel between the different sectors of space is achieved through lengthy travel that typically lasts for months or years and necessitates the extensive utilization of cryosleep for the brunt of it.

The series provides a fictionalized account of the origin of the human race. Billions of years prior to the main events of the films, a member of an ancient humanoid species, called the "Engineers", sacrifices himself, allowing for his DNA to spark the genesis of mankind.

The Engineers' other experiments, designed to exterminate the human race through the means of a deadly mutagen, paves the way for the Aliens to rise and populate through the traumatic implantation of larvae in hosts.

After completion of the film Dark Star , writer Dan O'Bannon wanted to develop some of the ideas especially "alien hunts crew through a spaceship" and create a science-fiction action film.

Provisionally called Memory , screenwriter Ronald Shusett collaborated with O'Bannon on the project, adding elements from a previous O'Bannon script, Gremlins , which featured gremlins causing mayhem aboard a World War II bomber.

The writers expected it to be a low-budget film, but the success of Star Wars inclined 20th Century Fox to invest millions. In the original script, the ship had an all-male crew though the script's "Cast of Characters" section explicitly states that "The crew is unisex and all parts are interchangeable for men or women" , including the Ripley character, who was to be played by Tom Skerritt.

Later, when Fox president Alan Ladd Jr. Shortly before filming began, Veronica Cartwright was set for the Ripley role, but director Scott opted for Sigourney Weaver following screen tests.

Swiss painter and sculptor H. While the first film of the series, directed by Ridley Scott , was successful, Fox did not consider a sequel until , when James Cameron expressed his interest to producer David Giler in continuing the Alien story.

After Cameron's The Terminator became a box office hit, Cameron and partner Gale Anne Hurd were given approval to direct and produce the sequel to Alien , scheduled for a release.

Following the second film, Weaver was not interested in returning to the series and so producers David Giler and Walter Hill commissioned a third Alien film without the Ripley character.

Released in , the film was troubled from the start, with production beginning without even a finished script. After production was completed in late , the studio reworked the film without Fincher's involvement or consent.

While fans and critics initially did not receive Alien 3 well, the film still did well at the box office worldwide and piqued Fox's interest in continuing the franchise.

In , production on the fourth Alien film, Alien Resurrection , began. Ripley was not in the script's first draft, and Weaver was not interested in reprising the role.

The script, set years after Alien 3 , resurrected the Ripley character via human cloning. After completion of the film Dark Star , writer Dan O'Bannon wanted to develop some of the ideas and create a science-fiction action film.

The writers anticipated a low-budget film, but 20th Century Fox was inclined to invest millions, thanks to the success of Star Wars.

When Fox president Alan Ladd Jr. Though Alien was successful, Fox did not consider a sequel until James Cameron expressed his interest to producer David Giler in After the box office success of Cameron's The Terminator in , Cameron was given approval to direct and produce Aliens.

The fourth film, Alien Resurrection , began production in , with Jean-Pierre Jeunet directing and Weaver receiving more creative control and an enhanced salary.

After sacrificing herself, Ripley returns two hundred years later as a human-Alien hybrid clone called Ripley 8, retaining genetic memory, but with a different personality and superhuman abilities.

On its way back to Earth, the commercial spaceship USCSS Nostromo is diverted to a desolate planetoid by a cryptic signal from a derelict alien spacecraft.

While exploring the alien ship, one of the Nostromo ' s crewmen discovers the remains of the ship's pilot and also a large chamber that contains thousands of egg-like objects.

One of the eggs releases a creature that attaches itself to his face and renders him unconscious.

The others break quarantine to bring him back aboard the ship. The parasite dies and the crewman wakes up, seemingly fine. Soon afterwards, an alien organism bursts from his chest and grows extremely rapidly into a terrifying eight-foot about 2.

Her story of the Alien terror she encountered is disbelieved and she learns that the planetoid from the first film now designated as LV or Acheron is now home to a terraforming colony.

When contact with the colony is lost, Ripley, against her better judgment and to regain her pilot's license, hesitantly accompanies a squad of high-tech Elite Colonial Marines aboard the spaceship USS Sulaco to investigate.

Once there, they discover the colonists have been wiped out after finding the derelict alien ship and its deadly cargo from the first film.

Due to a fire aboard the USS Sulaco , an escape pod carrying the survivors of the second film is automatically jettisoned.

Unbeknownst to her, an Alien Facehugger was also aboard the ship. Before long, a full-sized Alien is then loose in the prison, killing the inmates and staff.

Ripley also discovers there is an Alien queen growing inside her, and must not only kill the rampaging Alien but also herself in order to save humanity.

Two hundred years after the events of the previous film, several clones of Ellen Ripley including the alien queen she was carrying are produced. The Alien Queen is surgically removed from her body as the United Systems Military hopes to breed Aliens to study on the spaceship USM Auriga , using human hosts kidnapped and delivered to them by a group of mercenaries on board a transport starship called the Betty.

The Aliens escape their enclosures, while Ripley 8 a clone mixed with Alien DNA and the mercenaries attempt to escape and destroy the Auriga before it reaches Earth.

Development of a prequel story began in the early s when both Ridley Scott and James Cameron started to develop ideas for a story that would explore the origins of the Alien.

In , the development of Alien vs. Predator had taken precedence and the prequel project remained dormant until Jon Spaihts wrote the first screenplay for the project, but Scott then opted for a different direction and hired Damon Lindelof in , to rewrite the script into a story that focused on the creators of the Aliens, rather than the Aliens themselves.

The film, titled Prometheus , was released in to box office success and lukewarm critical reception. By , development on the second prequel was underway, with Scott returning as director.

Some 30 years before the events of Alien , scientists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover a star map among the remnants of several ancient Earth cultures.

Accompanied by David 8 and hoping to discover the origins of humanity , they journey aboard the spaceship USCSS Prometheus and arrive on the distant planet LV in the Zeta 2 Reticuli system, the same region of space in which the planetoid LV from Alien is found.

There they discover the ancient remains of an advanced civilization, called the Engineers the same race as the dead pilot from the derelict ship in Alien , who were developing biological weapons in the form of a pathogenic mutagen which could have driven the human race extinct.

The horrors they encounter result in the loss of the crew except for David and Shaw. Eleven years after the events of Prometheus , the colony ship USCSS Covenant , carrying thousands of colonists and hundreds of human embryos in cryo-stasis, makes its way towards the planet Origae The crew is awakened by a neutrino blast and intercepts a transmission sent from Shaw, which they decide to trace to an apparently habitable Engineer home world referred to as Planet 4 , devoid of all non-floral life.

When several crew members are infected by the same mutagen encountered by the Prometheus crew and give birth to a new breed of Alien, the Neomorphs, the android David 8 rescues them.

It is revealed that he brought Shaw to the planet, where he killed all non-floral life and began experimenting on Shaw's corpse to engineer his own breeds of Aliens.

His motivations to replace human life with Aliens is made apparent, and with the birth of yet another new breed of Alien, a terraforming expert named Daniels and the remaining crew are forced to flee from the world.

After disposing of the Aliens chasing them, the crew members return to the Covenant and are put back into cryosleep by someone they believe to be their shipboard synthetic, Walter.

Only when Daniels is put in her cryopod does she realize that Walter has been replaced by the identical David. With the crew, colonists, and embryos at his mercy, David contacts Weyland-Yutani back on Earth, stating that while the majority of the crew was killed in the neutrino blast, they would be continuing on towards Origae In and respectively, Ridley Scott directed eight short films to tie in with the releases of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

In July , it was reported that 20th Century Fox had joined forces with Tongal to produce short films, intended to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the Alien franchise.

Tongal co-founder and CEO James DeJulio stated that the joint-production is "reflective of Tongal's mission to bring creative opportunities to the next generation of talent.

In the mids, screenwriter Stuart Hazeldine wrote a treatment titled Alien: Earthbound. Fox executives were impressed by the script, having read it after Alien Resurrection had entered post-production.

She has remained open to a role on the condition that she likes the story. Predator , James Cameron had been collaborating on the plot for a fifth Alien film with another writer, but ceased work on learning of the crossover.

Cameron stated that the crossover would "kill the validity of the franchise," and that "it was Frankenstein Meets Werewolf " — like " Universal just taking their assets and starting to play them off against each other.

Sigourney Weaver has expressed her interest in returning to the role of Ripley with Neill Blomkamp 's Alien 5 story purportedly titled Alien: Awakening which would tie into the first two Alien films by taking place after Aliens and foregoing involvement with the other two sequels.

In , 20th Century Fox considered producing a television series based upon the film Alien and hoped that ABC would pick it up but its only media coverage was found in the June Fangoria issue 6 and it ended up abandoned as the sequel Aliens arrived on the scene.

In , Sega published the video game Alien: Isolation. On February 20, , Axis Animation reported that a seven-episode animated adaptation of Alien: Isolation was in development.

The series, developed by 20th Century Fox, in conjunction with Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup, was created using a combination of brand-new scenes animated from scratch, cinematics taken directly from the original game, and digital recreations of first-person scenes from the game.

Alien: Isolation is set in , 15 years after the events of Alien and 42 years prior to Aliens , following Amanda Ripley , who is investigating the disappearance of her mother, Ellen Ripley, as she is transferred to the space station Sevastopol to find the flight recorder of the Nostromo only to discover an Alien has terrorized the station, killing the vast majority of the crew.

Please note that the figures in this table are not inflation adjusted. Where two different figures are quoted for box office grosses, information is taken from two different sources.

Alien 3 was nominated for Best Visual Effects. Prometheus was also nominated for Best Visual Effects. Alien was also inducted into the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress for historical preservation as a film which is "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.

IGN listed Alien as the thirteenth best film franchise of all time in In the aftermath of the play's popularity and approval, North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco's non-profit foundation pledged funds for more performances.

The Bishop character has been the subject of literary and philosophical analysis as a high-profile android character conforming to science fiction author Isaac Asimov 's Three Laws of Robotics and as a model of a compliant, potentially self-aware machine.

The multiple single releases on VHS were generally the original theatrical cuts of each film. The Aliens set included a new "Special Edition" cut of the film completed by James Cameron just for this release, which was a significantly extended version of the film.

The films made their DVD debut in , both as part of a boxed set see Alien Legacy below and as separate single-disc releases of each film Aliens was only available in its "Special Edition" cut, not its original theatrical cut, which did not make it to DVD until the next boxed set.

Following the Alien Quadrilogy set see below , each film received individual two-disc releases containing the content of each film from that set.

Since then, there have been multiple issues and reissues of the films, in both their theatrical or extended version, though some single releases include both.

In addition to the single releases, there have been seven complete box sets of the series at various points in its history.

With the exception of the DVD version of the Aliens Triple Pack , each release contained all films that had come out at the time the sets were released.

The seven box sets each had unique characteristics and features which were then sometimes reused in later sets or single releases in one form or another, most notably the Blu-ray Anthology , which includes a detailed archive of many previous releases, including the rare Laserdisc box sets.

There exists a great number of spin-offs in other media, including a large number of crossovers with the Predator franchise. Alien print media has been published since shortly before the release of the original eponymous film, in The full library of these literary works include novelizations of the films, original content that expand upon the fictional universe, comics and companion books for both the cataloging of in-universe elements and supplemental works concerning the development of the franchise.

Several novelizations of each of the six films and some comic books as well as original canonical novels based on the franchise have been released.

Out of the Shadows and River of Pain were adapted into audio dramas in and respectively released on the Alien Day of the respective year.

In addition to Alien: The Illustrated Story , a graphic novel adaptation of the original film, there have been numerous limited series set in the Alien universe, as well as non-canonical crossover appearances of the Alien.

In addition to Alien vs. Predator comics featuring the Alien and Predator battling, Dark Horse Comics published Fire and Stone between and , crossing over the continuities of the Alien prequel series with the Alien vs.

Predator franchise. Dark Horse Comics also published a number of other miniseries crossovers, featuring the Alien species as an enemy pitted against prolific characters from other continuities.

Aliens , depicting an Alien invasion in Mega-City One , necessitating for Judge Dredd to intervene, to destroy the infestation.

In July , Marvel Entertainment announced that it had acquired the rights to the Alien franchise, in addition to the rights to the Predator and Alien vs.

Predator franchises. Marvel is scheduled to begin releasing franchise stories in Since the launch of the Alien franchise, there have been numerous video games released over the years, spanning a variety of genres.

In addition to appearances in crossover video games, including those from the Alien vs. Predator franchise and Mortal Kombat X , the four films from the original series were adapted into video games, typically multiple times.

A second adaptation of the first film was released in The sequel, Aliens was adapted into four different video games: two different games titled Aliens: The Computer Game , a collection of minigames by Activision and a first-person shooter by Software Studios ; as well as two different games titled Aliens , a MSX platformer by Square and a arcade shoot 'em up by Konami.

Acclaim Entertainment released three different games based on Alien 3 ; two different run and gun platformers - one for consoles in , another for the SNES a year later - and a Game Boy adventure game in Sega also released a light gun arcade game Alien 3: The Gun in Acclaim's first-person shooter Alien Trilogy was released in and their adaptation of Alien Resurrection was released in as a PlayStation first-person shooter.

In , Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills released Aliens: Armageddon , a rail gun first person shooter that hit arcades soon after.

Pinball" , featuring three virtual pinball tables based around the Alien and Alien vs. In , Sega made a deal with Fox Licensing to release two Alien video games for sixth generation consoles.

The game experienced a long development cycle, with it finally being released in late for seventh generation consoles.

Despite Alien being widely considered a mature and non child-appropriate series, merchandise - including action figures , board games and role-playing games - has been manufactured and marketed to a wide range of age groups.

Prior to the release of the first film, 20th Century Fox executives signed a deal with Kenner Products , for the production of a board game called Alien Game , as well as action figures, marketed for being family-friendly.

Following the release of the film and the outcry from parents about its nature of being a graphic and mature horror film, the product lines were abruptly cancelled.

From thereon out, merchandise has been produced on a rolling, ongoing basis. From the franchise's inception until Kenner's closure in , the company was a major manufacturer of Alien action figures.

From to , Kenner produced a line of action figures dubbed Aliens , initially intended to promote a cancelled animated series called Operation: Aliens.

Following Kenner's ill-fated first foray into the board game market with Alien Game , merchandising efforts in the medium were stagnant, until Leading Edge Games released the cooperative game Aliens in Wonder Dice published a press release, in which they threatened to sue anyone who would question their legal practices.

Inspired by the Dark Horse Comics series, the filmmakers of Predator 2 incorporated an easter egg in which an Alien skull was seen in a Predator trophy case.

Expansions upon this shared universe between the Alien and Predator franchises followed through comics and video games, leading up to the launch of a film franchise with the release of Alien vs.

Predator in , followed by Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem in The franchise has spawned various comics, novels, video games, and other merchandise based upon or inspired by the films.

A third film has been variously rumored since the production of Requiem. Predator could still happen, indicating the studio's interest in both franchises.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 25 July For films that feature aliens, see List of films featuring extraterrestrials.

Science-fiction horror franchise. Main article: List of Alien franchise films and television series. Main article: Alien film.

Main article: Aliens film. Main article: Alien 3 film. Main article: Alien Resurrection. Main article: Prometheus film.

Main article: Alien: Covenant. Main article: List of Alien characters. Main article: List of accolades received by the Alien film series.

Main article: List of Alien franchise novels. Main article: List of Alien franchise comics. Main article: List of Alien, Predator, and Alien vs. Predator games.

Main article: Alien vs. Film portal Comics portal Science fiction portal. Alien: The Official Novelization. May 22, June 8, Alien: Covenant Motion picture.

Los Angeles: 20th Century Fox. May 25, November 26, The Book of Alien. London : Titan Books. Archived from the original on November 9, Retrieved September 4, They're Back!

Retrieved July 16, Entertainment Weekly. May 29, Archived from the original on January 6, Retrieved December 14, Senses of Cinema. July 25, Archived from the original on December 1, December 16, Archived from the original on December 20, Rotten Tomatoes.

Retrieved May 31, Archived from the original on April 24, Retrieved January 8,

Holloway begreift, dass es keine Hoffnung mehr für Videospiele Kostenlos gibt und er eine Gefahr für die restliche Crew darstellt, und provoziert Vickers ihn zu töten. Beste Spielothek in JГјterbog finden dem getöteten Predator aus dem ersten Teil schlüpft eine Mischform Stargames Mobile Predator und Alien, ein sogenanntes Predalien. In: IMDbabgerufen am Seitenverhältnis. Mysterythriller 5. Oktober Retrieved May 6, Retrieved June 1, The Predator Beste Spielothek in Schollbruch finden to Earth, this time to stake a claim on the Chrom E streets of a dystopian Los Angeles. Tampa Bay. Happy Alien Day! InSega published the video game Alien: Isolation. Where two different figures are quoted for box office grosses, information is taken from two different sources. Cashbacks Dates.

Alien Filme 2012 Video

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Bregenz Hotel GГјnstig Verschiedene e. Samuraifilm 1. Jon SpaihtsDamon Lindelof. Lebewesen sind jedoch entgegen der Hoffnung der Forscher vorerst nicht aufzufinden. Originaltitel Prometheus.
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Alien Filme 2012 Die Vorgeschichte – Die PROMETHEUS-Filme. Ridley Scott begann die Entstehungsgeschichte der kämpferischen Alienart in einer Art Evolution zu. Am Anfang stand die Idee, in zwei Kinofilmen die Vorgeschichte von „Alien" zu erzählen. Doch dann nahm das Projekt immer mysteriösere Züge an: Zunächst. Alien Dawn ein Film von Neil Johnson mit Rachelle Dimaria, Brooke Lewis. Inhaltsangabe: Im Jahr werden die Erdbewohner von gigantischen Maschinen-Aliens attackiert. Diese benötigen die The Avengers · Weitere ähnliche Filme. Finden Sie Alien - Das unheimliche Wesen aus einer fremden Welt [​Director's Cut] in Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Februar ; Produktionsjahr: ; Spieldauer: Minuten. Mit den Kinofilmen "Prometheus - Dunkle Zeichen" () und "Alien: Covenant" (, Bild vom Dreh oben) stieg Ridley Scott erstmals wieder.

However, as a movie I left feeling let down. In thinking about it, my disappointment stems from three main problems: 1 Character development or lack thereof rather.

Of the 17 characters in the movie - yep Noomi Rapace's Dr. Elizabeth Shaw is pretty much the focal point of the movie and is probably on screen 60 - 70 percent of the time.

Thus, as an viewer I got to know her and mostly care about her as a character. Similarly, Michael Fassbender's David is on screen about the same amount of time and I really got a sense of him and his perspective on things.

While he may or may not be a character the audience cares about, you definitely get to know him. And I must admit, Fassbender's performance was great as far as I'm concerned.

He was really enjoyable to watch. Lastly there was Charlize Theron's Meredith Vickers is provided ample screen time, to say nothing of key character development scenes to get to know her.

Further, these three characters actually behave logically for their characters, so it seems that their development was thought out. Of the other 14 characters, I can remember 4 of their names, but they were given so little development and any motivation for their presence that I just didn't care about them.

I was thinking about this in contrast to the 7 characters in the movie Alien - of which Prometheus is loosely related - and even after some 40 years I can remember each and every character from that movie - their names, their roles, their personalities, etc.

I cared about those characters, and when they had problems or died, the movie had impact. In Prometheus, that impact was not there for me. Forget any problems with alien lifeforms or alien planet weather or things like that - I didn't even really get on board with why they were going to an alien world to begin with.

Again, I got that from Dr. Shaw, David, and Vickers, and to good extent Dr. Shaw's Partner Dr. I fly the damn ship'.

I kind of thought that maybe I'd see some enthusiasm and wonder from the two other "scientists" - geologist Fifield and biologist Millburn, but not so much.

The scare quotes around scientist, BTW, is to denote that as far as their presence and actions went, they really appeared to be scientists-in-title only.

Good stories, at least to me, focus on some particular plot element. In most cases, really good stories - and by association really good movies - can be boiled down to one sentence synopses.

Alien is pretty much "alien life form gets on a ship and crew find they are in jeopardy if they don't get it off". I can't come up with one for Prometheus.

I really feel it's scope was way too large for the story. As others have noted, this was a movie made specifically to be part of a larger framework - at least a sequel and probably a trilogy.

That said, I felt overwhelmed by the number of elements that the movie was trying to get across. The meaning of life, immortality, the punishment by the gods, the meaning of being human, evolution vs creation, religion vs science, do androids dream of electronic sheep, the desire to create and destroy And it's tough to unravel a story from all those threads, let along care about said story with all that going on.

Basically I just found it too cluttered with all these messages and by the time the alien life forms show up, it's hard to fit them into the context.

I will throw in one other note. Not so much a criticism, but just a let down based on expectation. I really thought this was supposed to be a scary movie and it really wasn't for me.

And I mean at all. It certainly had some disturbing scenes and some gore, but there was no "haunted-house" spook factor. No startles what-so-ever as far as I'm concerned.

Alien, Aliens, Alien Cubed, and Alien: Resurrection and even the Alien vs Predator movies all made attempts to have jack-the-box startling moments - admittedly some more successfully than others - so I was expecting that kind of scare tactic in Prometheus.

Not so much. There were some decent gruesome moments, but overall this was more an adventure movie than a horror-scary movie for me.

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Noomi Rapace Elizabeth Shaw Michael Fassbender Spaihts claimed he created the concept spontaneously, without preconception.

Spaihts wrote a page "extremely detailed outline"; within three and a half weeks he had completed his first draft, and he submitted it to the producers on Christmas Day, Within 12 hours, Scott returned the script with notes for changes, and Spaihts spent the Christmas holiday redrafting.

Spaihts was tasked with exploring unresolved mysteries from Alien , such as the Space Jockey. He considered the mysteries of Alien to be alien in nature, and said, "all the mysteries have alien players: the exoskeleton nightmare and How do you make anyone care about events between creatures like this?

He said: "If that story is somehow ours and deeply enmeshed with the human story, that story changes meaning within our life, things of such significance that we think of our own lives differently.

He reminded Scott that in the scene they were discussing, the characters were subject to gravity and so could not simply float.

Engineers of space. And were the aliens designed as a form of biological warfare? Or biology that would go in and clean up a planet?

However, Scott instead contacted Lindelof and asked him to review Spaihts's script. As a direct prequel to Alien , the story was shaped to lead into that film's story, and to recreate the familiar cues of that series, [88] and Scott wanted to avoid repeating his previous accomplishments.

Good stories, you don't know where they're going to end. Lindelof said that the other parts of the script were strong enough to survive without the Alien hallmarks, such as the Alien creature, which he believed had been diluted by the exposure it had received.

It shouldn't be about that. It can be a part of this movie, but it shouldn't be what it's about. Lindelof met with the producers the following morning, and was hired shortly afterward in late In August and September , Lindelof spent almost five weeks writing his first draft, which he submitted in mid-September Lindelof said,.

Blade Runner might not have done well [financially] when it first came out, but people are still talking about it because it was infused with all these big ideas.

It was being driven by people who wanted the answers to huge questions. But I thought that we could do that without ever getting too pretentious.

Nobody wants to see a movie where people are floating in space talking about the meaning of life That was already present in [Spaihts's] original script and [Scott] just wanted to bring it up more.

Scott's story concept was partially inspired by Chariots of the Gods? That's what we're looking at [in the film], at some of Erich von Däniken's ideas of how did we humans come about.

He also developed the theme that while the human crew is searching for their creators, David is already among its creators. Scott liked these ideas and further explored them in Lindelof's rewrite.

In Spaihts's draft, Shaw was directly responsible for the events of the plot because she wants to seek out potentially dangerous knowledge.

As with David, Lindelof expanded this facet of the character during his rewrites. He spent approximately eight months developing the script, finishing in March as filming began.

Pre-production began in April A team developed graphic designs for the film. In July , Lindelof said that the film would rely upon practical effects , and would use CGI generally for on-set pre-visualization of external space visuals.

Even though we have remarkable digital capabilities I still say do it live. It's cheaper. Exterior shots of the alien world were shot in Iceland, [] where filming occurred for two weeks.

It commenced on July 11, , at the base of Hekla , an active volcano in southern Iceland. Speaking about working at the volcano, Scott said, "If one is afraid of nature in this profession then it would be best to find a different job".

Shooting areas included the complex's large water tank, and a nearby beach. Scott avoided using green screens unless necessary.

Instead, he used various items so the actors would know where they should be looking in any particular scene on the practical sets where CGI elements would be inserted in post-production.

The fifth rig used an Epic camera as a steadicam , which was used only occasionally. Scott used the 3D footage to increase the illusion of depth.

Despite this being his first 3D film he found the process easy. He said, "You can literally twiddle a knob and the depth will increase", and, "the trick is not to overdo it".

In July , Scott said that he was filming Prometheus with both adult-oriented R and more accessible PG film ratings in mind, allowing the more adult content to be cut if necessary without harming the overall presentation.

Scott said he had a responsibility to 20th Century Fox to be able to present a PG cut of the film if the studio demanded, allowing it to be viewed by a wider potential audience.

Financially it makes quite a difference Marc Streitenfeld , who had worked with Scott on earlier projects, composed the musical score for Prometheus.

He used some unusual techniques to compose the score, and said, "I actually wrote out the sheet music backwards so the orchestra played it backwards and then I digitally flipped it.

So you're hearing the score as it's written, the same melody, but with a backwards sounding orchestra which gives it a kind of unusual, unsettling sound.

Production designer Arthur Max led the film's design staff. His art team were tasked with deconstructing the art and visuals of Alien , and reverse-designing them for the chronologically earlier setting of Prometheus.

Giger , and designers Ron Cobb and Chris Foss , including their designs for that film which Scott had been unable to develop at the time.

For the crew's space suits, Scott was inspired to include spherical glass helmets after reading a story in Steve Jobs ' biography about building an office out of Gorilla Glass.

Scott said, "If I'm in and I'm going into space, why would I design a helmet that has blind spots. What I want is something where I have [vision].

Glass, by then, will be light and you won't be able to break it with a bullet. The helmet's exterior featured a functional light source and high definition video cameras with a transmitter and recorder.

His frequent collaborator, Janty Yates , used medical research concepts relating to skin replacement treatments and materials to develop a garment that would be believable, flexible and comfortable.

The outfit comprised a neoprene suit worn under an outer space suit, a base to which the helmet could be attached, and a backpack.

Aboard the ship, Yates gave the characters their own distinct looks. Theron is dressed in an ice-silver, silk mohair suit.

Yates said, "[Theron] is the ice queen. It was always our vision to make her look as sculptural as possible". Fassbender's David is dressed similarly to other crew members, but his outfit was given finer lines to produce a more linear appearance.

To create a casual, relaxed appearance, Marshall-Green's Holloway was dressed in hoodies, fisherman pants, and flip-flops, while Elba wore a canvas-greased jacket to represent his long career at the helm of a ship.

Arthur Max designed the sets such as the alien world landscape and structures, and the vehicles, including the Prometheus and the Engineer's ship.

To better blend the practical and the digital, the design team took rock samples from the Iceland location so they could match the graphical textures with the real rocks.

He said that he wanted "to do something that was state-of-the-art, which would represent a flagship spacecraft with every technology required to probe into the deepest corners of the galaxy.

The interior of the Prometheus was built across a two-level structure, fronted by a large, faceted, wrap around windscreen. Theron's quarters were designed to represent her high status in the crew, and were furnished with modern and futuristic items, including Swarovski chandeliers and a Fazioli piano.

The vehicles inside were built in 11 weeks and were designed to operate on difficult terrain while having a futuristic aesthetic.

Max created a large pyramid structure for the alien world, which had its main interior areas connected by a series of chambers, corridors, and tunnels; it was so large that some members of the film crew became lost inside it.

The pyramid was enhanced in post-production to further increase its size. For the scene of the Prometheus ' descent to the alien moon LV, visual effects art director Steven Messing referenced NASA imagery, including vortex cloud structures.

Messing painted over these images and combined them with 3D set extensions to create a realistic altered landscape.

Scott wanted the ship's descent scenes to have a sense of grandeur to contrast the dark and shrouded descent featured in Alien.

Much of LVs world was based upon the world visited in Alien , but scaled back as Scott felt some elements were too unrealistic. Other influences were the Martian mountain Olympus Mons and several large mountain structures on Earth.

NASA advisers provided concepts for the aesthetics of alien worlds which were incorporated into the design work. Neal Scanlan and Conor O'Sullivan developed the film's alien creatures, aiming to convey that each creature has a logical biological function and purpose.

Scanlan said that much of Scott's inspiration for creature design is drawn from natural life, such as plants and sea creatures.

Huante designed them to be white and embryonic because the events in the film occur before Giger's influence had taken effect.

Huante took influences from references Scott was using to design the pale-skinned Engineers. Huante also referenced other Giger works, national monuments, large sculptures, and the Crazy Horse Memorial statue in South Dakota.

Part of Huante's early design work included developing precursors to Alien ' s Facehugger, and a primitive Alien creature, but these were cut from the final release.

Turner , and classical sculptures. The snake-like alien dubbed the "Hammerpede" was given life through a mixture of CGI and practical effects, and the wires controlling the practical puppet were digitally removed.

For a scene in which the Hammerpede is decapitated, the VFX team digitally animated and inserted the spontaneous growth of a replacement head. Scott did not inform Dickie about what was to occur in the scene and her screaming reaction was real.

The creature's design was partially inspired by translucent sea creatures with visible arteries, veins, and organs beneath the skin's surface, and cobras.

The designers gave the creature a smooth, muscular, and powerful appearance. Early designs of the "Trilobite", the tentacled offspring cut from Shaw, resembled an octopus or squid.

Page redeveloped this creature as an embryo in an early state of development, with tentacles that began fused together and would gradually split, creating new tentacles, as the creature developed.

The mutated Fifield effects were achieved mainly through the use of make-up and prosthetics. Due to concerns that the practical effects would be unsatisfactory, the filmmakers completed an alternative version of the sequence, in which Fifield was rendered as "a digital character with elongated limbs and an engorged, translucent head, incorporating a semblance of Harris's face".

For its grown form, the "Adult Trilobite", Max found inspiration from an arthropod -like creature from Earth's Cambrian period, and the alien octopus in Jean Giraud 's illustrations for the comic strip The Long Tomorrow.

Further inspiration came after Max found a formaldehyde-preserved giant squid, an image which met with Scott's approval. The film's last-unveiled creature, the " Deacon ", was named by Scott for its long, pointed head that he considered resembled a bishop's mitre.

Scanlan aimed to represent the creature's genetic lineage, beginning with Shaw and Holloway who produce the Trilobite which impregnates the Engineer, in its design.

However, the creature was given a somewhat feminine appearance, since "it was born of a female before being born of a male.

Sound effects were generated with a variety of sources including Pop Rocks —a brand of popping candy—and a parrot.

The glistening ice forming on the stone cylinders discovered in the film was created by applying the popping candy to materials such as wet metal and stone that was then sprayed with water to produce the "popping, cracking" sound.

Sound designer Ann Scibelli's parrot was recorded over several weeks to document her variety of vocalizations which were then used as beeps, alarms and the cries of Shaw's alien offspring.

Prometheus contains approximately 1, digital effect shots. The scene was difficult to produce because it had to convey the story of the Engineer's DNA breaking apart, reforming and recombining into Earth DNA in a limited span of time.

The team focused on making the DNA stages distinct to convey its changing nature. Scott requested the studio to focus on the destruction occurring within the Engineer.

A light color scheme was used for the Engineer's DNA and decayed fish spines were used as an image reference, while the infected DNA had a melted appearance.

To find methods of depicting the DNA destruction, the team carved vein-like structures from silicone and pumped black ink and oils into them while filming the changes occurring over an extended period of time.

A key scene involving a large 3D hologram star map, dubbed the Orrery , was inspired by the Joseph Wright painting A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery , in which a scientist displays a mechanical planetarium by candlelight.

While discussing the necessity of a star map with Spaihts, Scott mentioned that he envisaged a physical representation being similar to the painting, although he was unaware of its title and described it as "circles in circles with a candle lit image".

Using Scott's description, Spaihts located an image of the painting. Spaihts said, "making the leap from a star map, to an Enlightenment painting, and then back into the far future.

Prometheus ' marketing campaign began on July 21, at the San Diego Comic-Con International , where images and footage from the film were presented by Lindelof and Theron; Scott and Rapace participated via satellite contribution.

On April 29, , the international launch trailer debuted in the United Kingdom on Channel 4 during the first advertisement break of the TV show Homeland.

Viewers were encouraged to share their opinions about the trailer on Twitter, some of which were then shared in a live broadcast during a later break.

This was the first time that viewers' tweets were used in a broadcast advertisement. The broadcast potentially broke a ruling that advertising and teleshopping must be clearly distinguishable from editorial content.

Amazon directed interested users to purchase tickets through Fandango , and placed promotional material in products shipped to customers; this was the first time that Amazon had allowed such marketing by an external company.

The event was facilitated by BumeBox, which took audience questions from social sites and gave them to reporters to ask at the event. A viral marketing campaign began on February 28, , with the release of a video featuring a speech by Pearce, in character as Peter Weyland, about his vision for the future.

The segment was conceived and designed by Scott and Lindelof, and directed by Scott's son, Luke. The production was made in collaboration with, and made available through TED because Lindelof wanted to introduce new audiences to the conference itself.

Lindelof said that the scene takes place in a futuristic stadium because "a guy like Peter Weyland—whose ego is just massive, and the ideas that he's advancing are nothing short of hubris—that he'd basically say to TED, 'If you want me to give a talk, I'm giving it in Wembley Stadium.

TED community director Tom Rielly helped the film's producers gain approval for the use of the TED brand, which had not previously been used for promotional purposes.

Rielly was involved in designing the conference, and said that the association generated millions of unique visits to the TED website.

During the WonderCon, attendees at the film's panel were given Weyland Corporation business cards that directed them to a website and telephone number.

After calling the number, the caller was sent a text message from Weyland Corporation that linked them to a video that was presented as an advertisement for the "David 8" android, narrated by Fassbender.

The site referenced the philosophical novel Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche , and featured a video of Weyland, who quotes from the book.

At the May Digital Hollywood conference, Lindelof said that the videos originated from the question of the film's status as an Alien prequel.

It was decided that creating videos with the film's stars would generate more interest than any commentary about its connection to the Alien films.

He also said that the videos needed to be cool enough to justify their existence, but not so important that their absence from the final film would be an issue for audiences.

In North America, audience tracking showed high interest among males, but low among females. The online tracking for Prometheus surged with each additional promotional footage.

Prometheus was considered a financial success overall. After a strong start in North America, the film failed to meet the studio's expectations, but it continued to perform strongly in other territories until the end of its theatrical run.

Prometheus was released in 15 markets between May 30 and June 1, —about a week before its North American release. The earlier start in these countries was timed to avoid competition with the start of the UEFA European Football Championship the following week.

The figure made it the number 43 highest-grossing film to never finish a week as the number 1 film. However the plot drew a mixed response from critics, who criticized plot elements that remained unresolved or were predictable, tempered by appreciation for the action and horror set-pieces.

The Hollywood Reporter ' s Todd McCarthy called the film's visuals vivid, stunning, and magnificent on a technical level, and praised the performances of Fassbender, Rapace, and Theron, but wrote that the film "caters too much to imagined audience expectations when a little more adventurous thought might have taken it to some excitingly unsuspected destinations.

After an enjoyable setup, the central act is baggy, confusing and, in places, slightly boring, while the climax has flash and fireworks but no real momentum.

Ebert thought that the plot raises questions and does not answer them, which made the film intriguing and parallel to the "classic tradition of golden age sci-fi".

Total Film ' s Jonathan Crocker wrote that the plot successfully integrated itself with Alien ' s mythology while offering its own original ideas.

O'Hehir also mentioned Wolski's cinematography and Max's production design. Scott criticized the story as weak, and argued that the narrative's twists and reversals undermine its "lofty, mindblowing potential".

He said the film has no revelations, just "bits of momentarily surprising information bereft of meaning or resonance", and that Rapace is a "fine heroine, vulnerable and determined".

Variety film critic Justin Chang wrote that the film's narrative structure was unable to handle the philosophical dimension of the plot, and that Prometheus was lazily deferring key plot points under the presumption that a sequel would be made.

James Cameron said: "I enjoyed Prometheus. I thought it was great. I thought it was Ridley returning to science fiction with gusto, with great tactical performance, beautiful photography, great native 3D.

There might have been a few things that I would have done differently, but that's not the point—you could say that about any movie.

In North America, Prometheus DVD and Blu-ray disc releases were listed for pre-order in partnership with Amazon on June 1, , a week before the film was released in theaters.

A limited number of cinema tickets for the film were offered as a pre-order incentive. Both versions contain the theatrical cut of Prometheus , commentary by Scott, Lindelof and Spaihts, a DVD and digital copy of the film, alternate and deleted scenes, and other features.

Additionally, the Collector's Edition contains the 3D version of the film and approximately 7 hours of supplemental features including a documentary on the film's production.

Scott discussed a continuation of the series in March , saying that Prometheus leaves many questions unanswered and that these could be answered in a sequel.

The series, titled Fire and Stone , is an Alien vs. Predator crossover featuring content exclusive to Prometheus. The first issue of Fire and Stone was released on September 10, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Theatrical release poster. Jon Spaihts Damon Lindelof. Further information on individual characters: List of Alien characters.

We're exploring the future Space exploration in the future is going to evolve into this idea that it's not just about going out there and finding planets to build colonies.

It also has this inherent idea that the further we go out, the more we learn about ourselves. The characters in this movie are preoccupied with the idea: what are our origins?

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January 23, Alien DVD audio commentary track. It's a tough one, particularly with the success of four.

I think if you close the lid it should be the end of the first chapter, and I think very simply what no one's done is simply gone back to re-visit 'what was it?

What was that battleship? Is it a battleship? Is it an aircraft carrier? Is it a bio-mechanoid weapon carrier? Why did it land?

Did it crash-land, or did it settle there because it had engine trouble? And how long ago? February 8, Quint Interviews James Cameron!!!

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